When adding multiple ticket groups to an event, say a multi day event, it may be necessary to add ticket classifications so that it can be easily identified which group a ticket purchase belongs.

For example, lets say you have an event that runs over 2 days and has 2 ticket options, concession and full price for each day as shown below:

Now, if a attendee was to register for Day 1 only and select a concession ticket, their ticket purchase on the invoice will appears as follows:

Also, the Total Tickets Sold report will show that a concession ticket has been purchased, however, it doesn’t indicate for which day:

To allow ticket purchases to be readily identified to their associated ticket group, we have added “Ticket Classifications”. ┬áTo add a ticket classification, edit each ticket belonging to a ticket group and click “Ticket Options” tab as shown below:

Then set the “Show Ticket Classification…” to “Yes” and enter the text you want to associate with the ticket, in this case we want to show that the ticket belongs to Day 1:

Now, invoices will show the ticket classification, along with the ticket description as shown below:

And the Total Tickets Sold report will also show the ticket classification:

Ticket categorisation provides flexibility in how you want to display your ticketing details within your ticket groups.  You can use the same ticket description multiple times, once for each group and then use the ticket classification to distinguish which group belongs to the tickets purchase.