In this release we have mainly been working on a few ‘under the hood’ tweaks to ensure Event Gate provides a positive user experience, while added a few new features detailed below:

Deposit Tickets

Deposit tickets are a new ticket type and are a key feature in this release. Deposit tickets allow you to collect a deposit amount via an instant payment method (eg Credit Card or PayPal) and allow the remainder of the payment to be paid by invoice (eg direct deposit, cheque, etc).

Deposit tickets provide the benefit of providing security that an attendee will complete payment as well as the added benefit possibly dramatically reducing your merchant processing fees.

You can find out more about how to add deposit tickets here

Improved Invoicing

We have improved the invoice layout for both the screen and printing.  We have also further refined the reconciliation process.

Remembering Your Screen

Ever changed the sort order, the number of records to view in a table and then left the screen and come back again only to find the screen reset back to its default settings?

We have now changed this so that the events screen will remember your last settings.  Settings include which columns you sorted by, how many rows you have chosen to display per page and any search criteria entered.

The settings are saved on your computer, so, your preferences will not conflict with any other users.