We have been working pretty hard enhancing the features and performance of this new release of Event Gate.

iPad compatibility

Event Gate has been updated to improve usability for iPad users. You can not only check reports and make last minute changes on the move, but you even create new events entirely on the iPad.

Event Categories and Group Segmentation

…err what’s that??? This means that event organisers can set a categories on an event (like tags for posts on blogs). They are little descriptions about the event, they could be the event year, the event type (singing, music, seminar, annual conference) or anything else the event organiser wants to add to the event. Why would would you want to do that??? Well, then you can use Event Gate perform functions like “Give me a list of all the people who have attended singing events” or “Give me a list of all people who have previously registered for beginners investors seminar”… This is very powerful for creating lists to then send emails specifically targeting these lists. This feature is available on request.

Ticket and Questions Display Flexibility

We have added the ability set up the tickets and questions in columns, put boxes around ticket or question groups. Initially, you will need to make requests for specific requirements, but our vision is to provide a templating system, to allow you to choose event registration layouts.

Invoice Cancellations

You can now cancel invoices. If you cancel all of the registrations associated to an invoice you will be prompted to cancel the invoice. We provide an audit history to track all changes made to registrations and invoices, basically, who changed what and and when.

Improved Reporting

Event Gate now exports reports in Microsoft Excel format. The columns are automatically expanded to show all details.


We have been working on improving the performance of Event Gate to reduce the time you need to create and update events. We hope you feel the difference in this new version.