You can set up Event Gate so that your members can receive a discount from the full ticket price.

Before starting this tutorial, you will need to set up your members group in the Event Gate contacts.

To do this, as with other discount tickets you need to add the full price ticket first. ┬áOnce the full price ticket has been added, you can then add a “Contact Group Ticket”.

2014-10-17 13_03_52-Events - Event Gate

Enter the ticket details which includes selecting the contact group for which this discount applies.

\2014-10-17 13_12_28-Events - Event Gate

Now, when an attendee belongs to the selected group and they register for the event they can elect to enter their email address to prove their membership as shown below:

2014-10-17 13_20_38-Event


Once they have entered there email address and clicked the Submit button, If the user is found in the group associated with the Contact Group discount ticket Event Gate will apply the discount:

2014-10-17 13_22_15-Event