When you send out an email to invite your potential attendees to an event you need a link in the email for them to click on to navigate to your event registration form.

There are 2 ways this can be achieved:

1. While in Edit mode of your invitation email, selected the “Registration Link” merge field

This will automatically insert the merge field into your invitation email:


2. The second method that can be used allows the link text to be customised.  To achieve this follow these steps:

Select the {Registration URL} merge field to insert into the email.  Select the {Registration URL} text and cut (Ctrl-x) to ensure the merge field is copied to the clipboard.  We will use this later.

Enter the text you want to use for your link which will be clicked by your guests to register:

Select the text and click the “Link” button:

Change the protocol to “<other>” and paste the registration url {Registration URL} into the url field, then click the “Ok” button:

You can also use this method to create register links for buttons, by loading in the button as an image.  One website that can used to create such buttons is: http://dabuttonfactory.com/


Whether you used the first or second method, when the email is sent, the registration merge field will render as a “Click here to register” link:

On clicking the link the event registration form is pre-filled with the invited guests details pulled in from your contacts list: