EventGate has a new feature called a Group Event that makes it simpler and quicker to register members of a team or group and keep all that information in one place.

This type of event is only applicable where each attendee in the group will be purchasing the same ticket(s).

To avoid ‘clogging’ your registration pages with features you don’t use, this feature is only available on demand. Contact us if you would like to use this feature.

In order to allow your event to use this feature you must select the group registration button from the Attendee tab.

Then new questions for the Group become available.

You may think, but wait, I want to ask for a Team Name at the Group level. You can, but first press Next so that EventGate updates your event type.

Then return to the Attendee tab and create your new question.

Now you have a brand new Group section on your registration form.

Participants can use the Register Another button to add extra people

A ticket is purchased per attendee.

Administrators can use the new Registration Group List to keep track of registrations

Groups can be updated by the administrator using the edit button.


One thing to remember is that the ticket price is per attendee, not per team.