When registrants register for an event, Event Gate offers a way to easily add the event to their calendar.

Adding Calendar Details

When the “Add to Calendar” feature is enabled on your account, you have some more options around setting the dates and times for your event.  This includes allowing an event to span multiple days as well as setting specific times for your event.  Additionally, the time zone is also required to ensure the correct times are displayed for any guests who will be coming from interstate or overseas.

Also note that the “Event When” field will be automatically filled in when one of options affecting the date or time is modified.  The “Event When” field can be manually changed to any text, however, be aware that any changes made to the dates and times will cause this text to be overwritten.

All of this information, along with the additional event details added on the “Form Layout” tab will be used to generate the calendar details.

Previewing Calendar Entries

To preview and test the calendar entry that will be generated, navigate to the “Payment” tab and click the “Sample Invoice” menu item:

On previewing the invoice a new “Add to Calendar” section is included with links to add the event to different calendars.  Currently only Outlook, Apple and Google calendars are supported.

Clicking on the link appropriate for the calendar will generate the calendar item.  Note, for Outlook and Apple Calendar, an iCalendar (ics) file is downloaded and the registrant needs to open the file to import the calendar entry.

Here is an example of what a calendar entry might look like:

Setting a Default Time Zone

To set your default time zone navigate to “Settings” -> “Other Settings”

Now that your default time zone has been set so that it will automatically be selected for each event that is created.